Golf Ball Engraving

Hi there! Has anyone ever engraved on golf balls before? Is it even possible? I saw a few Youtube videos that they actually caught on fire, so I’m wondering. If you have, what settings did you use? TIA :slight_smile:

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Hey welcome to the forum!

I have not engraved golf balls but have two pieces of advice:

One, the golf ball is too tall to engrave with the tray in your machine. If you’ve never done any work without the tray, there are tricks to help get alignment and whatnot all squared away, just ask and we’ll get into it.

Two, anytime you’re going to engrave a plastic, be sure to find out what kind of plastic it is. Anything that’s made of chlorinated plastics (PVC, etc) are dangerous for your machine and cannot be cut/engraved. I think you’re ok here (googling what are golf balls made of seems to say no PVC), but you should be as sure as you can be.

Good luck, I’m sure people will be by with lots more tips!


Most golf balls are 1.7" so they are a perfect height for engraving with the tray removed. Most are skinned in Urethane, an ethyl carbamate similar to polyurethane.

That said, and as stated above, you might check with the manufacturer to ensure there is no PVC. I personally wouldn’t stress over it. PVC is brittle and would not withstand impact forces.

However, you’re not going to see anything just engraving onto the skin. You’d have to fill with paint or similar.


I have to admit that I have never engraved a golf ball. But I have just started working with CerMark and it seems to mark anything that is not wood. I have used it on glass, acrylic and metals. It is sprayed on and after you engrave, you wash it off and the lettering is black. I have not tried it, but it might be a thought.

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