Golf Ball Marker

When your mom is celebrating her 94th birthday and she still plays golf, she gets personalized golf ball markers. No, golfers don’t need these things, but it is more fun than lots of other items you could get at 94. By the way, her real gift is some new luggage because she still travels. Rock on!


Another great idea! (And your mum sounds like a pistol!) :smile:


Go Mom!

(and yes, golfers do need ball markers–I liked to use coins I’d save from international trips)

How about personalizing some tees for her, too? Bit more challenging…

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And if she can bend down and mark the balls and then pick them back up again, that’s pretty amazing. I guess all the bending from teeing up really keeps you limber. Nice job.


That’s amazing! You can also personalize her luggage with luggage tags.


Good idea! Sometimes I miss the obvious.

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I like that you used different fonts! A really fun gift!