Golf club etching with dry moly lube

Anyone try etching initials on their golf clubs? Advice anyone?

Assume you mean irons, since you’re talking moly?

The standard “etching on metal” advice works here I bet, I’d probaby use cermark, it’s a bit more purpose-made and gives predictable results. Since you know moly, you no doubt know cermark too… you’ve probably seen the large number of posts about it here.

I’m more wondering how you plan on getting the head in there and running the laser.

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I would try, but I would put someone else’s initials on the clubs in case I have one of my episodes and unload my irons in a pond. Seriously, dry moly should work on the club head (graphite shafts I don’t know if I would try that.) I’m trying to imagine how to get the club head into the Glowforge without doing the open door trick. If you have any luck, I hope you will share the result.

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And do you have steel shafts or graphite? (guessing you mean the shafts, and not the heads? And just have to ask because many iron sets have graphite shafts, not just woods…).

If graphite, don’t do it. Even if you could, I’d not want to risk damaging any of the carbon fibers, as any damage can be a propagation point for a crack, and carbon fiber/graphite is not as forgiving as are steel… sucks having a shaft break. Though likely the etching would only affect the coatings, which are pretty thick…

If steel, worth trying–though might be good to find a cheap or old shaft to test on first before doing it on your set!

And guessing you must have a Pro to even consider it–suppose you can keep the head hanging out of the pass through while the shaft area you’re trying to etch is in position.

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