Goliath. Another new tool?


Looks interesting. Will have to follow.


Interesting. Probably can’t go too fast / deep due to a lack of down/lateral force. Still could be useful.


I gave them my contact info so I can receive updates. I’m curious to see how much they charge for this.


Here’s (probably) some more info from ol’ Tested…


I love the idea, but I have to hope they have some kind of closed-loop thing going on for positioning.


Looks like it might work OK for 2D projects. I wonder what happens when it has to vary depths, where the topology becomes very organic, as in complex 3D surfacing?


If it created large cutout areas wouldn’t the wheels drive into them and cause the thing to wobble?


It came out on Kickstarter today:

It’s $1,750 for the next 30 buyers. Regular price will be $2,890.


Looks like this is running late. Can’t say I’m too surprised.


an autonomous drill tho. I can barely get my dumb CNC to do what I tell it…