Good afternoon! Canal plastics Iridescent Acrylic! Anyone familiar?

Hey everyone! We picked up some iridescent acrylic sheets and we were wondering what power settings everyone is using for them and also (rookie question lol) which side of the iridescent film on? How can we tell lol?

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Never used it, can’t help you specifically…

But I can help you with this and any other material, you’ll never need to ask again!


Thanks! The issue I’m seeming to have is with the iridescent film… It bubbles up a little bit with heat.

It appears you would be the first, so be sure to report back.

Hmm there were some threads about that bubbling bit with mirrored acrylic. Let’s see if I can dig one up…

Looks like it was @auzamarie, who hasn’t been active in a bit. Maybe they’ll come back and comment if we tag this thread.

Here’s the discussion:

@lisa.07 also had a few issues:

Mirror acrylic troubles

Maybe they’ll have some insight. In both cases it looks like it was flashback. A picture of what you’re seeing might help here.

Lastly, @geekyteach has used iridescent acrylic in the past. Maybe not the same stuff but worth asking.

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Side question…Are they open again???

Have you tried calling?

Well I have looked online a number of times and they have been closed due to Covid. That’s why I asked…

The iridescent acrylic isn’t a mirrored acrylic. It has an iridescent film. I’ve heard the film can be delicate It’s also sold other places than Canal Plastics. I haven’t cut it myself (although I have a sheet) but I definitely have seen people use it with a laser. You might try asking in the GUG FB group for advice. While I would normally advocate that you test it, it’s super pricey and in this case, someone will have good settings in one of the GF groups.

Is yours masked?