Good day for forging?

As long as the south wind doesn’t pick up (and blow exhaust back into my vent), I think this is a good day to do some work indoors in the studio:

About 8" last night, 5-8 more expected Monday for my town, and temps not high enough for anything to melt. Unusual for Puget Sound area–but varies greatly how much fell where around the region… some had less, others had a lot more.


maybe that helps explain why GF created a shipping label for my unit to be returned to me at 10am, but it was never picked up by fedex yesterday…


Yeah, things are pretty snowy up here right now. Gkid is quite happy about it, but I’m feeling your pain!

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Whoooooeeeeee! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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I don’t want to jinx it, but this year we really haven’t had any.

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Maybe we’re getting yours? It’s pretty rare we get more than a few inches, and that it stays cold enough it doesn’t melt away within a day. Up to another 5-11 predicted thru Monday! :astonished:

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Gkid has been sleeping over with us since Friday and is desperately hoping to get “stranded” at our house. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Where are you located? I’m in Bremerton… they finally plowed & sanded my street, but getting out of the driveway (when get more snow) will be difficult unless the front fenders of my car work as a plow!

We’re in Battle Ground – just north of Portland/Vancouver. We’re outside city limits and down a gravel road, so although we don’t have as much snow as you (yet) it can get a little dicey until we make it out to the main roads. The uphill slope that leads to that last intersection with the main road defeats my husband’s car when things are icy, but since my days of working as a hospital RN I’ve always insisted on having 4WD, so I can get around pretty well, just mostly have to watch out for other people!

Yup, I might do OK on the roads, but too many forget what loss of friction causes…
Family is around Kent, and when lived in Eugene, used to pass by BG & often stop at the nursery there just off I5! Seems last few years your area & Portland got hit with the nasty winter weather–our turn this year!

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