Good deal at Michaels 1/16th Baltic Birch

Found this 16 pack of 1/16th BB at Michaels in the cheap section near the front for 2$ I would have totally bought more if they had more. Great for small quick ornaments for upcoming Christmas time!


You got a sku or product name?



and a number of folks in the reviews comment that they used them in lasers successfully, which is always a good sign :slight_smile:

Thanks @techquest89


Worth a 1.5 hr trip to my closest Michael’s!


Get 2, they’re small! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ll get as many as they have!


Or, order them online? As a purely economic argument driving that far doesn’t make much sense.

They’re 4.99 with a 40% discount, so 2.99 per pack.

An hour and a half of driving at about 50 mph average, one way. That means that you’re traveling 150 miles.

Assuming this is the sole reason for the trip, and lets be generous and say you get 35 mpg, that means a bit over 4 gallons of gas. Assuming that you pay $3 per gallon, that’s 12 bucks in gas.

You’ll have to buy over 12 sets at $2 to make up that difference, and that is assuming that you’ll find the same sale deal in store as listed in the thread here. That is kind of a big assumption.

And that’s if they are in stock. And ignoring car depreciation.

If we get a bit more precise and take the national US average of cost per mile, it’s about 58 cents. That means your trip really costs ~$87 (ouch), so now you’re on the hook to get eighty-seven sets to break even!

Ordering online starts to sound pretty good. :slight_smile:

On the other hand maybe you’re combining trips and it’s good to get out and about, so your value proposition may be radically different. Ignore me!


Well they didn’t have them at all. But we haven’t been out in a while, and it was a beautiful day for a drive, and as we love taking long drives just for fun (sometime we’ll be gone 8-12 hours just driving around), it was still worth the trip. And we did buy gas up there for $3/gal, which is 18 cents/gal cheaper than here at home.


Thank you for sharing! I am brand new to Glowforge, so this is a great deal to test out my designs. Any recommendations on settings to cut or engrave these?

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155 speed seemed to be good for cutting speed, for the engraving I used 40 and it came out to be lightness I was hoping for


Thank you so much! I’m a bit lost - there’s a lot of settings! Is this what you did?


  • Speed: 155
  • Precision Power: 1
  • Number of Passes: 1
  • Auto focus height


  • Speed: 40
  • Precision Power: 1
  • Lines Per Inch: 225
  • Number of passes: 1
  • Auto Focus Height