Good Exhaust Fan Cleaning Brushes

Not sure if anyone else has a post on good brushes to use on cleaning and clearing out debris from the back exhaust fan… but I recently came across these brushes and they worked pretty good for me, so I thought I’d share.

Long with bristles through out the stem

Flexible and sturdy with steel bristles at the tip (2 pack)

If you have some other suggestions or other cleaning products, please list them here as well.


Yes, pipe cleaners! Work great cleaning the sides & underside of the tube, too (not really necessary like the fan, but looks nicer clean…


I just received these last week:

Honbay Straw Cleaner Brushes, nylon bristles stainless steel handle, Nylon Skinny Pipe Tube Cleaner - 20 Piece Value Pack - 7 mm bristles x 175mm long

Honestly I wish the bristles were just a bit stiffer, but they’re pretty good.


I just got some very similar a week or so ago…haven’t yet used them, but it seems they would work very well.

Never thought of those to clean underneath the tube…great idea! I’m sort of a neat freak when it comes to my Glowforge. A clean tube is a happy tube…ha ha!

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Yes I think those would be great for under the tube… but probably too flexible for my tastes for the fan. Maybe if you twisted 2 together.

Well maybe try the one I posted with the steel bristles. But yours looks like it got a good strong stem.

Honestly, I’m thinking of cutting off the honeycomb part of the fan. It seems that’s the biggest obstacle making things gunk up at the fan… not to mention making it harder to clean.

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