Good laserable transparent sticker source?

Does anyone know of a good transparent sticker material to use for laser printing (of the color toner/fuser variety) images and then laser cut (of the :glowforge: variety) around the images? Everything I have found has the scary word “Vinyl” in their description. Something like this but without the risk of death by hydrogen chloride gas.

The goal is to print symbols on the stickers, cut them out and affix them to wooden playing pieces for board games. I would like transparent stickers for this particular application but if no good material can be found I will probably switch to white stickers and be more creative in how I bleed the borders and apply the cuts.

It says “vinyl” but it’s quite possibly not pvc. PVC is the thing to avoid, so if you’re not sure, ask them.

This one claims to be PET, but even still I’d ask them.


This company says its product is polyester based and safe for laser cutters. 8.5" x 11" Sticker Paper - Clear Gloss Laser - OL177CL


FYI - it’s not your death that’s so much the issue with PVC, but your laser’s death. Literally one use can start to eat the inside of your machine (saying this out loud since we’ve seen far too many folks say “I’ll risk my health cuz it’s just one cut” and then be sad when their machine dies)


I think this product is for laser printers as in “not ink jet” printers.

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In the questions about this product, someone asked if it was safe for laser cutters. The answer was that it is safe for laser cutters.

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I just use polyester mailing labels.


I use this stuff; it’s polyester based, laser or copy printable, and nearly invisible after application. It’s pretty expensive but worth it.

I used it to make these:

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