Good Luck!

Going to Israel to visit family during the holidays and needed a small, yet beautiful gift that I can “hand” out.

The Forgery (because it’s so easy to recreate designs found on the internet, this time no different) to the rescue!

The dime is for scale:


You have got to be kidding me, I am working on one of these now. Beautiful.

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If this helps you any way: (60.4 KB)


Gorgeous! Amazing detail for something so tiny! :grinning:


Cool, thank you!

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That’s pretty awesome. When I was in Israel a few years ago I brought back several of those that are made of metal. I think the wood carved one is a fantastic idea.

Now… you just need to make one out of Olive Wood. =) Though I would suggest you put the glowforge outside because the smell of burning olives is NOT cool. LOL I’ve made pens on a lathe out of Olivewood and it looks great but the smell is awful while making them.


Fabulous detail! Well done!