Good resource for vector designs!

I am an art school refugee.

I graduated by the skin of my teeth because… wow, I am not a graphic designer(good sculptor tho!). So I stumbled on the other day and I was floored. They have fantastic, well designed and highly affordable design packs… and even freebies!

Best thing is that they have a creative license. They’re intended to be used on things that will be sold. So you don’t have to worry about wondering if you’re going to get a cease and desist from someone some day. Because… it does happen. Usually with fonts.

Not only does it have that, but they also have packs of stuff that are already made to go together, lots of kitchy hand lettered fonts to use, and examples of how to put the different fonts and illustrations together.

The more you buy at once the more discounts you get on your order.


Thanks for sharing the link!

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Nice! It reminds me of, which I’m already a member of. If you’re familiar with that one, how do they compare?

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DesignCuts has a lot of nice stuff. I do recommend keeping up with their freebies.

They very often have bundle sales where you get a bunch of stuff for about $30. It is never all laser-applicable, the bundles always have some Photoshop stuff, but sometimes there is a good set of fonts and other vector design tools with laser applications.

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Awesome find - Thanks for sharing!

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It also reminds me of Design bundles and Font Bundles

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@nancielaing and @cynd11 I hadn’t seen those sites, thanks for the links! I think the difference is that DesignCuts is smaller? It might be that there’s only a couple artists behind it, I’m not sure.

@GrooveStranger the freebies are the best! I got a bit fed up with all the “wine mom” plaques and shirts that I see, so i’ve been testing out using their scrolly, pretty fonts and writing things like “Live, Laugh, F*CK!”

I want to make one for my kitchen that says “Sit down, shut up, fill your pie hole.” but in a beautiful scripty font with little delicate flowers.


I like how you think.


There’s a rather derisive version of that for passengers in pick-up trucks.

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