Good smoke / bad smoke / filter vs venting

Now that I have your attention I’m up late and was hoping to find the answer to my question.
I use the compact filter and I DO have access to a window to vent instead. I am cutting A LOT of wood so the smoke is more than just regular old work.
So my question is… if I use venting out a window VS compact filter does the fan speed in which it exhausts the air speed up when you are venting vs filtering it? If that smoke could go out of my machine faster that’d be just wonderful. If it’s not worth moving then whatever I guess. Thanks in advance

This is the most common situation for folks and was standard for almost two years.

I don’t know about all the settings for fan speed with/without compact filter, but certainly without the filter attached it expels the smoke and debris quite briskly. An eight foot run with no more than two 90 degree bends in the hose going out the window takes care of it. I have the exhaust tube taped up well and I don’t notice any smells in the room during an operation.


The GF exhaust fan has two settings – ON (no filter) or OFF (Compact Filter attached), controlled in the UI:



Silly question: when you vent are you turning off the Compact Filter toggle? It’s under the little gear icon in the web app.
Toggle off = higher fan speed.
Toggle on = lower fan speed.

I’m aware… not what I asked but thanks for chiming in

I’m just using the compact filter right now. But I am going to start venting because of the smoke.

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Ah, I get it now. The answer is “it depends” – on the dial setting on the compact filter, the cartridge loading, length of run and number of turns for an outside vent, etc.

Both the internal exhaust and the CF draw should be equal (~200 cfm) all else being equal.

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Thank you! I almost wanna upgrade/install an external blow. Grow room style. I’m using the heck out of it but cleaning it 5-10x faster with all the wood. Also I have a slight cleaning problem so the dirt bothers me in more ways than one.

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At the Price it is hardly worth discussing. I have a $35 Vivosun which combined with the regular exhaust does a much better job than the external alone and leaving it on moves air when the Glowforge is not on, which keeps the exhaust fan spinning well also,

I completely agree

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It sounds like your filter cartridge is getting full, there shouldn’t be much if any smoke when using the Compact Filter.

It’s brand new. And it only happens when I’m REALLY getting into wood cuts

I have the exact same issue. Got the machine last week and today it is smoking. Went through the trouble shoots and cant fix it. I am using the compact filter. I can’t imagine it is already full!

As @dwardio mentioned, there is a setting designed to be used when a Compact Filter is attached.

When enabled, the fans will run at a lower speed during every print on this machine, to match the Compact Filter’s internal fans.

I think the direct answer to your question @instabuzz is: Yes. Turning off the Compact Filter attached setting will speed up the exhaust fan. With that setting off, we recommend venting outside.

Regarding alternative exhaust configurations

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Im venting out the window now with 0 problems! Now I just need to send this compact filter back to you guys. I haven’t had it “cool down” mid print since either! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, I do have the switched toggled for the compact filter, and it is like the filter isn’t working at all. Smoke is coming out all the seams of my machine. Mine is also new (about 6 weeks I think) and also when I am cutting wood.

I thought that was normal to an extent and then I took the compact filter off and moved it to a window to vent… let’s just say it’s night and day difference and that filter is horrible. I’m returning mine as we speak!

That is not normal trust me. Don’t forget to recalibrate after you move your machine

Glowforge told me that with some materials it will just smoke a lot and their indoor filter cannot handle it. I vented out a window and it works 100 times better now. I feel it was a waste of money for a filter that doesn’t work with everything

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They just sent me my shipping slips for a refund on it. I pretty much only cut wood so even if it did work great I don’t think it’s still the best move vs a window. No one should be doing it without a window anyways