Good strong bar magnets

I just got a set of these, they;re stronger than my previous bar magnets.

Good stuff.


Those are some serious magnets.

So good, might not be able to get them off the tray!

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If they’re on some 1/8th or thicker material they come off okay by sliding to the edge and tipping one end over so your fingers can grab them.

On paper or right on the honeycomb just lay the tip of a pick or small screwdriver into one of the holes in the honeycomb, hold the pick at an angle and slide the magnet up & off the bed.

I do all the tricks you mention with my small magnet bars, and they are only about 10lb-15lb, and if they get direct on the honeycomb, they are nearly impossible to slide–but I can lever them up on their edge easier to remove. So can only imagine the hassle with removing 32lb force magnets if they get on the honeycomb directly. But a great option to use to hold down thicker materials!

I wrap my magnets in duct tape with a pretty large tab and have no problems pulling them off. YMMV.


I also use paint stir sticks to secure paper for engraving, using it to pin the edge at the top with a magnet on each end. Keeps the air assist from fluttering the paper.


True story: I ordered some neodidlium disc magnets from Amazon and waited and waited—they never showed up and had to be resent. When I got the followup package, it was in a small bubble envelope. I figure my original package is still stuck to the wall or ceiling of the delivery van, bubble wrap and all.


I had a package of them delivered, in the package sticking waist high on my insulated steel front door. I imagine the guy had to pull them off the wall of his van.


That’s what I use. Very strong and work great for edge holding. I use Gorilla tape wrappers with tabs to pick them up.


I suppose that’s where the fibreglass community mail boxes come in handy. Package was easy to get out. I always wonder what gets erased in the transit process. LOL.


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