Google fonts website redesign

An article on the changes:

This is of interest because the premium design tools use google fonts for text. This site will help you find the font you’re looking for.


I need something to actually SELECT the font I am looking for. Otherwise, all of my things pop out of my computer as Comic Sans or Papyrus. I have no style.


Comic Sans looks like my handwriting. It got a bad rap, but I’ll never hate it :slight_smile:



Thanks. That is one of my favorite websites (Google Fonts) but I only tend to go there every few months. I hadn’t seen this yet.

I use Adobe Fonts all the time though with my subscription.


lol. I usually use my wife to pick a font. The conversation usually goes something like this

Me: ok I’m going to scroll through the fonts. Tell me when you see one that looks good.

[after about 30 fonts I start to speed up considerably]

Wife: slow down your going too fast

Me: i just going to keep going really fast. Tell
Me if you see something you can’t live without.

[greatly increases speed]

Wife: oh that one go back

[ backs up…….25-30 fonts back].

Wife. That’s good it will do.


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