Google Sketchup extension allows to export directly to cut file

This extension works great (SVGFace). It’s in the extension wharehouse. The output was 1 to 1 of what I drew. Then I thought to make a video. Then I got mad that we don’t have a stand alone app to run our equipment :frowning:


I will have to give it a shot. I use an SVG exporter extension, and it does weird things sometimes where the SVG has hidden elements… It can cause problems. Hopefully this one’s better.

So, just out of curiosity, are you just using Google Sketchup because you already know it? As opposed to say Inkscape or Gravit Design or something else that’s already designed to create SVG (in a single dimension…). I’ve actually been frustrated at how many steps are required to do the most simple things in Inkscape. I’m actually doing a lot of work on the software for my Silhouette cutters because it has features I need in easy-to-use ways (like tracing an image, tiling objects across an area, etc.). I’m still pushing myself to get more comfortable with other design tools, but I just keep thinking that there has to be an easier way…

Do you have the version of Studio that saves the files as an SVG? There’s no reason you can’t just use that…I believe some people do.

Yep, I upgraded just recently and that’s what I’ve been using. Works like a dream. I’ve just been watching what other people are using to see if there are other, better options. I didn’t want the OP to think I was trying to sell him on using Inkscape. I am just curious about why he’s using Sketchup!


I can’t speak for him but I would guess that he uses sketchup so he can make 3D models like many do in Fusion 360. This extension allows him to then grab the faces of a potentially complicated 3D structure and lay them flat for the laser but unlike designing a 3D shape in a 2D program, he knows that the pieces will all fit together as planned in his 3D model.


Thank you! That makes so much sense… I haven’t ventured into 3D work yet, but now I’ve got a trick up my sleeve for when I do! :slight_smile: