Gorgeous double spiral baskets


A friend who took advantage of one of my referrals has perfected a double spiral bowl design and is now selling the product on Etsy. There is a lot of subtlety in his work. It has been really interesting watching the iterative design process and the end result is stunning!

Yet Another Wooden Spiral Bowl

Thanks for the support BBum. It took a few iterations to get here. Next step is to make a slightly smaller one so that I can fit it all on one sheet. Right now, it takes 5 sheets makes 4 baskets in the oval size. ( the round version is 1 for 1) .


Very nice! Wishing you success in your online selling venture.


They look beautiful!


Those are really stunning!


My design continues to evolve. I have managed to get the spiral to lay in a goodly way without the steps on the stand and it all cuts from one sheet of wood now.


Also, added 2 more spirals to the mix, so this is really a 4 armed spiral now.

The center detail helps to align the basket to the stand.


Whoah. Quad spiral?! Nice.

These are gorgeous, Mark!


Gorgeous! What kind of wood did you use?


Very pretty! I like the technique for a fruit bowl.


Great design and iterations!


that is 1/8 birch plywood from woodpeckers (easy to find on amazon). It also works with the walnut, maple and cherry ply from the glowforge store. I am going to try acrylic next week.


in walnut proof grade


Love the walnut PG. I’ve spent a fortune on it myself. :smile:


Made a version in maple and one in clear acrylic (both of proof-grade). The acrylic worked out really well.

a hole bunch of photos here


Round version in proof-grade translucent florescent green


Do they make glow in the dark? That would be really rad. :sunglasses::+1:


They do not glow in the dark but the fluorescent ones do respond well to colored LED under


the proof grade translucent pink also pops


Update: I continued to develop/ refine these until everything works in balance. On a whim, I wrote to a very prestigious museum to see if they wanted to carry them in their gift shop and web store. It was a long shot. Fast forward a few months: today, I got my first order from that same Museum for quantities of both the a round and a oval versions. I am stoked. May the forge be with you…