*GOT IT!* Why do they keep pushing my delivery date :(

Now my glowforge isn’t shipping until June 2018. I ordered it Oct 29 2015.

@dan you really just want me to ask for a refund and go away don’t you. Cuz it’s blatantly clear.

Hang in a little longer! My date was pushed several times too before i got it. It is worth the wait!

Dang, where are you located at?

I’m in Canada. If they offered a place for me to pick it up from in the NW, I’d gladly drive to Portland or Seattle but I heard someone else tried for that and they wouldn’t do it. It’s been very frustrating. I even my referrals got theirs and I haven’t yet.

many canadian buyers have had theirs shipped to a US location and then gone across the border to pick them up. so if that’s an option for you, it will speed things up considerably. but you won’t be able to just pick it up at the factory or at the GF offices. you’ll need to have them ship it to that address.

you can probably search here a bit and find threads about their experiences. just to make sure you have all your ducks in a row first.


@dan I can have a Montana shipping address for you to ship my GF to anytime. I’ll drive across the border and pick it up. What do I need to do to make this happen?

i’m not sure he’ll reply here. or do it any time soon. tons of posts and i don’t think he reads them all.

i would suggest opening up a new post in problems and support, which will trigger a GF person to respond and ask the question there.

in the meantime, here’s a thread where someone talked about picking up in the US and taking it back across the border.

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Or PM @SunnyStarbucks or danberry - they both did the cross-border pickup. As did others but I haven’t paid attention to all of them.

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Thanks to all for the suggestions. I may have a go at this and see how far i get.

Here’s the thread that answer all the questions, including how to, what to bring etc…


The company will happily ship the unit to a U.S. address if you tell them that is where it needs to go. It will be a U.S. approved unit. GF will adjust the shipping charges accordingly. You will be responsible for getting the unit to it’s final destination with all the taxes and border fees. Make sure the unit works or at least looks perfect before driving back across the border. Replacement for a broken on delivery unit would only be provided to a U.S. address. Don’t expect GF to provide any guidance on how to do all of this since it is essentially circumventing individual country rules or certifications.

Shipping to a U.S. address has been done a bunch of times before with varying levels of satisfaction. Good luck.

I read a post by a Canadian who just did this and he mentioned they refunded him about 500 CAD in shipping he had paid to Glowforge. So it appears you’ll get something for your time.

I’m about to do this with one of those “US Address for Canadians” warehouses.
Thanks for all the positive feedback… hope this works out.

Don’t think they have NRTL approvals for the US yet. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be a requirement in the US. If it was the international customers would not have been so far behind.


Thanks to all the helpful hints here from everyone.
I can happily say that after 2 years and 8 months, I now have the GF in my hands!!

As suggested by many, I changed my address to a US border warehouse (in my case I used Montana Shipping Outlet) drove 3 hours and picked up the boxes.
At the crossing, I merely had to confirm origin of fabrication and what kind of device it was. I started to explain what the unit did and as I showed them the Tariff code, they said that’s all they needed.
No more explanation needed.
I paid GST on the value and that was it.

I also took this opportunity to use up my entire store credit on supplies (they only ship to US at the moment)… all $400+ of it!

I can finally enjoy the ‘GF Owners Summary’ emails I’ve been receiving every week with no feelings of remorse and anger :stuck_out_tongue:

Big thanks to all the folks here for the help and the encouragement to keep trying.


Congratulations! Glad you were able to work out a way to get it. :grinning: