Got my email today!

I got the email from Glowforge about 25 minutes ago… and on my forecasted date. Can’t wait to get this thing in my house and start lasering some stuff.


2018 is starting off well, I see :blush:


One note to the folks at Glowforge, in case anyone hasn’t pointed it out already:


If you haven’t already could you email that pic to since they’ll never see it in this category.

Congrats on getting the email! :slight_smile:


Great start to the year!

Sent. Thanks.


Congratulations @rotors as you have been a helper here I am extra glad to see you get yours.

Congrats! :sunglasses:


I don’t think I’ve helped much, other than pointing out a few spelling issues, but thanks for the kind words. I’m sure I’ll be needing the help of the many helpful people on this forum when my Glowforge arrives.

And the banner has officially been updated. “Shipping” day 30 Basics and Pros.


So my estimated “shipping” date has changed from January 1 to January 8… after I replied to the email. If I have access to the store and catalog, that means I accepted and everything went through, right? I didn’t expect my shipping date to change after it already happened. Everyone else had theirs disappear. I’m so confused.

Correct - you’re in the build & deliver process now. Keep an eye out for the PG shipment -
it usually comes a week or two after you say “yes”. You should see it in UPS MyChoice next week if everything goes according to history.

You’re right about the date change - up until now everyone has seen it disappear not get pushed forward. Might be a bug or someone doing a mass update not expecting anyone in the office to be working on the 1st :slight_smile:


It’s here! All 4 handles intact on a box that’s in great condition. It’s still in the plastic, but no obvious issues that I can see so far. Other than completely ignoring which side is up, UPS did a fine job of delivering my Glowforge. They missed their estimated delivery window by 3 hours, but I didn’t have much to do today anyway. It’s temporarily sitting on the dining room table until I can prepare its permanent home. Not sure if I can keep myself from firing it up tonight. These things look much bigger in person.


Congrats! :smile:

So the front has a few minor cosmetic issues, and the crumb tray is dinged up in two spots. All unboxed and ready to setup once I clear a spot in front of a window. I managed to fit the box from the crumb tray inside the main box with all the packing materials, and tucked it away in a little unused portion of the basement. I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to store the box without disguising it as a coffee table. I already have a spare bedroom full of cardboard boxes, but hopefully those will be laser food soon.


Couldn’t help myself. I cut a hole in some cardboard to “seal” the open window around the flimsy hose. Then I taped the useless clamp onto the exhaust opening on the Glowforge. I needed to see if this thing worked after all that waiting. Good news! It works. Draftboard smells pretty good when a laser is burning it. I learned this due to my pieced together cardboard window vent solution. It made a surprising amount of smoke for such a small cut, but there didn’t seem to be any issues. Just one print for tonight to make sure everything worked.


Congratulations. In my experience draft board produces more smoke than any other material.

It’s a habit. And smells better than the meth lab at least.

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There is a ls of smoke from cutting wood since the entire thickness is being vaporized. After you get your exhaust sealed up, it’s kind of strange to see all that smoke and not smell anything. :no_mouth: