Got my Email today

Hi Darron,

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time: I want to send you your Glowforge. Right now. (Well, in up to six weeks depending on when you reply, where you live, and other details like that). But make no mistake - this is your real Glowforge Pro… for you to keep!

So excited for this to come.


Congrats! :grinning:

Great news!

Yea! Congratulations! :tada: :balloon: :gift: :confetti_ball:

Yay! Doing the happy dance for you!



WOW was thinking 6 weeks from the 1st email but got this email today

Hi Darron,
Clear some room in your workspace and on your calendar, because your Glowforge 3D laser printer will be at your door soon, and you’ll be printing up a storm before you know it. (Seriously, remember to take printing breaks to eat, sleep, and do other important things!)

Looked at tracking data
TWO boxes
Scheduled Delivery:
Monday, 01/29/2018 , By End of Day

Yes, happy Dancing.


Wow that’s fast

LOL well, they due to show up 2/2/2018.


Hi Darron,
Your first box is almost there! We want you to get started printing the minute your Glowforge arrives, so we’ve expedited your Proofgrade materials to ensure they arrive ahead of everything else.

Wow, that is super fast! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you create. My proofgrade box is due to arrive on 1/30 - I’ve got my fingers crossed that I get the next email this week!

Wow, that’s quick and awesome! That’s good advice too. My hubby sarcastically asked if I wanted him to move the GF onto the bathroom so I could multitask better. :thinking: I asked him if he really thought he could make it work lol.

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what dates of order are currently shipped? still day 30? There is no update in the header and no january update…

Purchase date for me was May 2016.

So 30 day Campagne is shipped? Maybe they are too bussy counting the money and thats why they have No Time to update the header or to write the January update

No, none of the foreign customers machines have shipped.

If the bathroom has an exhaust fan, the venting would be easier.

I am still a day 30 purchaser & am due to have my Glowforge in the coming weeks.

Did you purchase a pro or basic? From my understanding they are producing pros at a quicker pace.

EXACTLY! I thought we could put a cover across the bathtub and it’s make a great GF table as well. Hubby regretted his sarcastic suggestion.


1st cuts…

(Seriously, remember to take printing breaks to eat, sleep, and do other important things!)

I really understand !!!


Congrats! They look great! :smile: