Got my First Glowforge! Yet got a question now

I only noticed when I started unboxing the package that one of the plastic handles on the outside was missing, likely lost on the trip to my home. I was wondering if that would affect me when I needed to send the GF back in the future when it needs repair or something. I remember reading I needed to keep all packaging , but I’m missing that one plastic handle. Fortunately it looks like it came here safe and sound. As I am writing this I am setting up my glowforge pro right now. Can’t wait to see how this goes with engraving my first piece. :smiley:

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The vast majority lose at least one of these in the shipping. Not a problem. If you ever need to do a return just tape the box well with strapping tape.
While there have been several unlucky folks that have had to send back several, the vast majority have never had to make a return.


If you do want to make a note of it though, you can email support with photos. For a handle I’m not sure this will make much of a difference, but my box I picked up at FedEx and it was torn apart and missing all the handles. I emailed support about it because it was in the directions at the time, and they made a note on my account so that if I ever needed to send it back for something, they would send me an undamaged box. Luckily, I have never had to send my machine back.


I did have to send mine back once, and I was in the same boat, one handle missing when I received it. I contacted :glowforge: and they were not concerned, I just made sure the box was taped up well.

When I got my glowforge i only had a single handle left on my box. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Same: 1 here.

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