Got my Glowforge. . .made some stuff


I was going to wait until the air filter was ready until I got my Glowforge, but when they decided to let the rest of the world buy them,I decided it was time.

Here are a few things I have made so far. They aren’t perfect, but not bad for someone who’s never played with a laser before. Thank you Glowforge!


Very nice job on all of them. Looks like you leapt into some advanced materials/techniques right off the bat. :grinning:


Your IPad looks great. Keep up the good work. :grin:


Great work on the iPad!


It truly amazes me how you can go from a concept to an actual thing so fast. Opens up so much energy for creativity. Good job and this is just the beginning!! :sunglasses:


Wow, none of it looks like beginner stuff! I like that slightly grungy acrylic medallion.


Ahhh, that is capiz shell. I am pretty excited that it worked, because I could find no information on using a laser on them.


No kidding? Well it looks great!


Nice start with your laser! iPad turned out exceptional!