Got my Glowforge Pro at Thanksgiving


Dan, you are the man. Been using my Glowforge Pro since day after Thanksgiving. One word describes it all.



Thanks for the review people like you make the wait worth it.


Yes, I really feel for those who couldn’t tolerate the delays. All of the angst of that journey is a distant dim memory, wiped away by the joy this machine has given me.


The thing is pretty unbelievable, Wife, 2 daughters and I all pitched in to get it. Now the problem is no one want to share it with the others. We have times set when it’s your turn, and my daughter that lives 1,000 miles away, wants a way that she can press the button on the Glowforge, so she can use it when no one is home. Told her that’s not safe, besides someone has to load in the material, lol.


You guys all made a good investment! Price just went up $1,000 too!


Bam!, solved…