Got my Tracking info!


Got my tracking email!
(Golden email was received on the 18th)
I’ll have my GF Basic on August 1st!



Congrats, you are going to love it!


Awesome!!! Congratulations!!




How would that be as a test for operational temperatures. New Orleans in August?


I think one can assume that AC is mandatory.


Congratulations! Funtime about to commence!


Oh yeah!

Congrats @rekanize! :sparkles::gift::balloon::tada::confetti_ball:


Indeed. We keep our old building around 73 unless we’re not home. I’m looking to relocate soon, and climate and a residence that will tolerate the exhaust port are definitely going to be factors.


Congratulations!!! :grin: so excited for you!!


Yay! Exciting times!


My favorite kind of post! :two_hearts: Congratulations!!


Awesome! Congrats!!



Looks like a different kind of Fat Tuesday for you :slight_smile:


Laser-hot diggity!



Congratulations! And BTW, the haircolor you have going in your profile pic is gorgeous.


That one is disturbingly creepy…:dizzy_face:


I agree. It was this, homer simpson, or jello. The rest of the “jiggle” gifs that I saw (safesearch off, of course) were pretty much NSFW, or very much NSFW.


You were NOT kidding!


But seriously, you weren’t kidding. :flushed: