Got the Golden Email!



I got the Golden Email, now I’m just waiting for my tracking email. I just hope if it is delivered soon that this MInnesota weather and the 12 inches (I originally thought it was 4 inches) that piled up won’t hurt my delivery timing or the delivery person! lol.


Congrats! :grinning:


Thanks! I’m very excited! :smile:




Thank you! :slight_smile:


Prepare to be amazed. :grinning:


Please get sleep now while you still can.


Got my golden email on 2/15. Still waiting on the actual shipment. 12 days and counting. 30 days left on the “up to 6 weeks to ship” after email.



Oh shoot, that makes me a bit nervous :confused:


Wait until the doubt sets in. “Did they really get my reply? Did they lose track of it? It’s been too long, they must not have my reply?”


I haven’t gotten there yet, perhaps since my proof grade stuff did arrive. But now conspiracy theories are starting to creep in. Based on the latest update, I am starting to suspect I will be on the longest possible end of the 6 week window, if not over it, as they switch to producing mainly international units.





I don’t believe anyone has been over the 6 weeks since June.

Averages seem to be about 4 weeks lately.


This. I’m at two weeks and the doubts are setting in, because if anyone’s order will get lost, rerouted, etc., it’s this guy :hushed: