Got twins

Finally got my Glowforge twins this Thursday but did not have time to play with them before this weekend, so sad :frowning_face:

I did all the basic print this morning and played around with the photoengraving that is pretty arsome, but I wanted to print a logo I did like 2 years ago when planning for the Glowforge.

The logo prints ok but it shows up in parts in the Glowforge GUI.

The e from the text laser show by itself and A from Art is also split up not sure why and where I made the mistake in the file? I made the file in Ai CC 2017. logo small back (3.0 KB)

Any idea why or how I can fix it?

I can see where all my free time and weekends will be used for, the house already has that nice smell of burnt wood :laughing:

It’s good to finally be active on the forum, now that I have a better understanding of trial and error that are needed to make something fun.


Great looking logo! :grinning:

Couple of things that caused all of the text to show up as separate engraves…

The color that you used for the A is slightly different from the color that you used for the r and the t in your first word, so it gets a separate operation. The word Art is set up as Fill colors without strokes, so they will read as engraves.

The word Laser consists of strokes without a fill color. When the information was saved as an SVG it was automatically converted for you if you chose to save Text as Outlines, but it made individual batches because the “e” is also a different color from the other letters.

The mauve lines in the design are unfilled strokes so they show up as Cut lines, which you then converted to a Score.

All of these little issues can be worked around in the interface, as you saw, but then you have to change settings for a lot of different engraves if you want to adjust anything, and that can get tedious.

I just posted a little writeup on how to set up vector drawing program files for the Glowforge interface last night…it might be of some interest for what you’re trying to do.

Have fun with it! :slightly_smiling_face:
(And Congrats!)


Just seeing two of them shining on your worksurface is so striking :heart_eyes:


The Thanks Jules
Learn so much already I have to learn to be carefully with the colors I already have a much better understanding on how Glowforge sees the file now.

Great writeup on Tips and Tricks some good late night reading :grinning:

Illustrator will soon be my new friend, maybe.


Twins!? Twice the fun!


I’m guessing the redundant Glowforge is insurance against down time in a production environment?

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Thing1 and Thing 2 ?
Or did you have a better imagination ?

Congrats and Happy Trails


Ok so I have serious GF setup envy. Those tables with drawers are BOSS. Love the Phillips Hub and are those Phillips LED strips I see? Nice Work. +2


When you really get going make sure to post a picture with a pile of scraps and bits of masking stuck everywhere, so the rest of us don’t feel so bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Looks really good, can’t wait to see what you make!


You’re correct @PrintToLaser I got two GF so I would not have any downtime my location does get pretty hot already had to switch GF as one was on cooldown.

@brokendrum Thing1 and Thing2 could have worked but I went with Skywalker and Obi-Wan. I’m kind of a home automation geek so it nice to be able just to say Alaxa Skywalker lightsaber on… :wink:


They may look alike to everyone else, but I’m sure you can tell them apart :slight_smile: and one seems sleepy (button not glowing).

Just beware of sibling rivalries, “Obi-wan gets all the good designs!”


I love them both but one may get more attention than the other, it seems like they already have built their own personality :grinning:

Got the logo fixed thanks to @Jules I now have a better understanding of what GF looks for when importing the files.

Logo came out great.


Oh that is just stunning in wood! :grinning:


Would you mind if I use this as an example for a video I’m making about how to fix color discrepancies? This is perfect for showing a technique I wanted to do a walkthrough on.


Sure if it can help others.

Thanks! Here it is:


That looks spectacular! The results and the twins both, I mean.

Very clever to double up - you’ll wind up with 2x the production speed and still spend less than most 40w lasers. You’ll love the UI for switching, too - it’s really elegant to swap between units when both are printing.


But Leia is Luke’s twin…(nevermind, I am a nerd :man_facepalming:)


Wow! Nice!

You have to be careful. One of your Glowforge’s might start getting angsty and wearing a lot of black. The good news is you didn’t give Obi-Wan the high ground. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: