Gothic leather cuff With studded adornments

So back in the day I was pretty goth, maybe not wearing corpse paint or anything but I definitely dressed it.

I had a very comfortable black pair of pants called Tripp pants. For anyone who doesn’t know these were the ones with the bondage straps and studs all over.
To this day, still the absolute most comfortable pair of pants I ever wore, but alas, all good things come to an end and I grew out of those pants, but not the spirit of the Goth me.

I decided to do a new leather cuff with stud adornments, so of course I needed to do something that would stand out. I used the method mentioned in

I picked my thick 3oz leather and used my new French punchs to make my stich holes, and took a buckle off an old belt that was dry rotted. I chose a neon green to contrast the black and not be too much like my other projects (red is almost gone :sob:).

I added my studs to the leather, there may have been a more reliable method of doing it but I was able to press them through thanks to their sharp stud clips and bend them over with a tool. All in all I love the nostalgia and I love how this looked!


It turned out great


Thank you! It was fun to make but I need to get used to the French punches for sure

The Cure is touring this summer. Just sayin’.


Hahahahahah…the music I listen to these days is much harder then the Cure, but to bite the bait, my Goth goto albums from back in the day was: Vergin Black, I-Dragon -I, Crux shadows, Blaqe Audio, The Awakening (from south Africa), and Crimson Moonlight.

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Another example of the GF helping people be true to themselves! Nice work!


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