Graduation Gift


A friend asked me to make this for his daughter’s college graduation. I love how it turned out, as did they. I have to say, the polished slate is a wonderful piece of material to work with just have to vacuum out the GF afterwards as the exhaust doesn’t catch all the dust.


Lovely sentiment! :grinning:


Very Nice.
What kind of stone is it? What settings did you use?


Looks fabulous!!


Beautiful stone, and a nice couple!


LOL…I’m on the right and he’s just a friend of mine who wanted it for his daughter :wink:


It is polished slate. (JUST A TIP: I went to one of my local “granite, marble, bath and counter top” places and they said I could have anything I wanted from the PILES out back!! Oh my, it was like being on a shopping spree! I’m all about REUSE and RECYCLE and there’s a ton of pieces that are useable for our GF to make into beautiful things!)
I used Speed of 500 and full power, vary power, 450 LPI, 1 pass and focus ht of .050 with tray removed.