Graphics Program to use on a Pixelbook/Chromebook?

Hi all,

I just bought the Google Pixelbook, and while I am loving it, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good graphics editing program to use with it for the Glowforge. Does anyone have any experience using these? The Pixelbook can run anything a Chromebook can and most of the Google App store apps.


I don’t know how good it is, but give Gravit Designer a shot. It’s free.

You can use online or I think there is a Chrome App for it too - search the Google App Store.

There are lots of how-to articles on Medium:

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We have been using Gravit here for some Glowforge design on chromebooks. It works pretty well.

I have not found a good Android app. Have not tried Adobe Illustrator Draw.

From Chrome 67 (currently in the dev channel) you can run linux apps in a container. Inkscape sort of works in this mode but I would not describe it as production ready.

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