Gravity Falls Tsuro Game

I made this for a friend of mine for Christmas. It’s a Gravity Falls retheme of the Tsuro boardgame.

Unexpectedly, the most challenging part of making this was the player tokens. I had to cut them 6 times the first time I made it and 3 times the second time I made it. Sadly I forgot to write down the settings that worked best the first time around. The grayscale versions of the colored images were so different, I had to set the power differently for each token to get good results.

Points to anyone who has a good idea for using all the squares leftover from cutting the board. Since I opted to cut the pieces from 1/4" and the board is 1/8" I have a nice stack of blank squares as a result.

20180106_184355 copy
20180106_184655 copy


Job jar tokens? Secret Santa names for next year? List of people you are leaving money in your will. Just make some tiles percentages and some tiles names and then pick one from each tile. That would totally confuse them.

You could also use the thinner acrylic to make another tsuro grid to hold them for another game. But then, you’d have to find another board for the acrylic squares. Make a board engraving the squares for recesses and then it would complete the project without making more squares.


Your game designs are so exciting! I love the interlocking board design.


This was my original idea, but decided it would be even better if they were more “stuck” as the tiles moving is my biggest irritation when playing the original game.

Getting any design to line up well on a precut piece is still a bit of a challenge. Getting it
to line up on that many individually placed pieces would be torture. I’ll stick to ideas that don’t require precise laser cutting for now.


Align them in a grid and score or engrave them. Take them out, Instant jigsaw puzzle.

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That looks fantastic! Tsuro is a great game. How did you do the colors on the wood?

They’re hand painted with watercolor.

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Make another board and glue the two sets of cutouts together instead of cutting another piece 1/4 material.

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That just might work! Thanks

Everything about this is delightful!

Love the watercolor washed look on the pieces. :slightly_smiling_face:

Want. Shall steal.

You did the color wash before cutting, I’m guessing?

So very nice. 'grats.

Aligning layers can be hugely improved with a registration pin or slot setup. I did registration pins with a dowel from home depot here:

I aligned with slots, too, but I am not ready to show that piece yet. Here’s a small file that shows how it works:


Feel free to go experiment with it. It’s designed for BB, at .120 thickness. You may need to scale for your purposes.

Pics of it in action:

One thing to note : This is punishingly snug fit. I had to assemble with a hammer. I tried to take one of these assemblies apart, it ended with broken plywood. So, be sure you’re putting the right pieces together before you pin them, if it’s really snug, it’s a one-way street.

I also recommend making your pegs or slot pieces a bit too long, so you can sand them flush. It looks much more polished and less “lasery”. The spiral thingy was sanded flush, the rectangular pegs were not. World of difference.

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No, it was painted after cutting.

So nice. The watercolors look great. Nice project.

Love that show, and that’s a fun game too. what a wonderful mash-up!