Gray slate coasters

So in the city of Pomona in Southern California I am part of the communications team assisting with the marketing of the 2020 census. I recently created this logo for Facebook for people to acknowledge that they had filled out their census. And thought it be a great piece on the gray slate coaster.


Your engraving looks very bright in the second photo. Very nice!


Nicely done! Sometimes I like slate the best, as no masking is required and it comes out looking great. :rofl:


So does everyone who takes the census in your town get a rock? :sweat_smile:


Nice job on the logo and the coaster!

what were the settings you used to create this beautiful coaster?

Can’t discuss settings for non-proofgrade materials in this forum.

You’re find plenty of prior discussion over in Beyond the Manual.

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We cannot discuss those here, but you can send a PM to the author to ask.

Your coasters look awesome .