Great Cutting Board Idea- Ikea

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I love this idea of engraving on a cutting board. Ikea has the best prices on products, especially if you’re wanting to test your skills before buying something higher in price.


I was able to find some cute bamboo cutting boards in a variety of sizes at a local (New England-based) discount store as well. If folks don’t have an IKEA nearby, there may still be other options!


I’ve found them at Ocean State, Big Lots and Christmas Tree Stores. Also Home Depot carries them sporadically in 3-packs for $9.99 so when I catch them I grab a few. Their website usually has them and I’ve even bought them on Amazon from Home Depot.


I agree. I actually ordered some really nice bamboo boards from Amazon. It cost like $12 for 3 boards, varying in size.

Yes, my favorites are from Ocean State Job Lot (couldn’t find a thing at Christmas Tree), but I have no idea what the equivalent of that is elsewhere in the US. OSJ also has slate cheese boards for ~$3.


I don’t think we have either of those stores here in the great state of Texas hehe. $3.00 is an unbeatable price :star_struck:. Right now we’re investing in real wood boards ranging from $8-$18.00 per board. We are hoping to have better returns going to real wood route.

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