Great design guy channel

Thought I’d share a fun and energetic graphic artist named Zimri Mayfield. He has a design channel where he shares a ton of tutorial and design concept info. He’s very quirky and high energy to say the least, but he does several different video series and they’re all really informative and not your average how-to kind of videos.

He has tutorials that aren’t dry, step by step how-tos and he also has a series called “Design Time” which is more about the graphic design process and it’s full of design concepts and tips. (It’s really cool to watch him go from research, to rough sketches, to final design.) I like him becasue he’s willing to share and discuss his design successes and failures and it’s a cool inside look into graphic designers. One of my favorite things he does though is “YGR” segments (You Guys Rule) where he does quick and dirty submitted logo redesigns and layout critiques. He’s also in the middle of a contest where 64 people are doing a head-to-head knock out design challenges and you get to vote on the winner each week. Kinda fun. :slight_smile:

Anyway, lots of good rabbit hole stuff and I’ll share a few video’s to get you going.


Well, that was fun!


Fun… and exhausting! Lol


Right! He’s a lot to take in and I almost didn’t finish the first one, but I’m glad I stuck it out. The annoying parts actually became kind of engendering and he seems like a good guy. Just wish we could harness all that extra energy lol.

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I hear ya! I could do with some of his energy!!


Great … It’s fun to see creation through the process!

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