Great first day with our new 'forge

I’ve been avidly reading these forums on a daily basis for the past 2 years, sucking up knowledge from the generous experts on this forum, rarely posting.

I’ve seen how lots of folks had problems on their first day, and that put me on edge as I waited for my Glowforge to arrive. So seeing as how our first day with our GF could not have gone better, I wanted to make sure to post here, if even to alleviate the fears of others waiting patiently for theirs to arrive.

The packaging survived the cross-country trip (to Maryland) in perfect condition. All four handles, nary a dent on the box. Kudos to UPS!

The unpacking experience was flawless - the manual was extremely clear and I marveled a couple of times at how easy the whole setup process was. The extra effort they put into the packing and setup process was evident. I felt like my non-techie mother could have set it up without much issue.

Despite knowing the dimensions, I was still surprised at how HUGE it is. Be ready for a table hog! The noise is about what I expected. It still smells a bit while forging, so putting this in our basement was the right call.

Cutting the ruler and other projects on draftboard was a breeze. I also cut some pieces on Amazon box cardboard, also easy-peasy once I dialed in the settings a bit.

My eldest son came home from school and got right down to business trying to engineer a piece in Fusion360. The workflow tutorials (especially @markevans36301 - thank you!) got us a working physical prototype with cardboard in minutes.

My more artsy younger son quickly created a western themed pendant in Affinity Designer which looks great on the draftboard (he left the masking on for the old-timey effect).

Anyway, I just wanted to note for those who might be worried about their GF arrival day - it went smoothly for us and I hope the same is for all of you as well!


Congratulations on getting set up … and involving the family!

Please share your projects when you can. :slight_smile:


Pictures, or it didn’t happen! :wink:


Love hearing a happy story for a change! (And yeah, post some pics, we wanna see!) :grinning:


Thank you for your post! Enjoy your :glowforge:!

Great report! Post some pictures of what the family is making!

Great post. The ‘Problems and Support’ thread I think has given anxiety to many the same way the nightly news makes it seem the world is on fire. Every incident is brought into focus there and tend to skew our perception of reality.

We all look forward to see what you and your Sons do with your new tool!

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Here’s one we made just now. (Most of the other stuff has our names and address: family signs, a dog tag, signs for the kid’s rooms)


That looks great!

Thanks for sharing the good news! :slight_smile:

Very nice! :grinning::+1: