Great hand cleanser--geared for leather dyes/paints, but works on soot +

Just wanted to share this info about a great cleanser, KRESTO , for designed removing leather dye from your hands. But this also works great for soot & anything–just used it again when realized I didn’t have my GOOP for cleaning up after some work in my basement. It also leaves your hands feeling good, unlike some stuff out there…

I found it a few years ago after a thread about stained fingers from dyeing leather, and I think got it on eBay, and it was a size/container meant for a dispenser–a bit awkward, so I’ve just put some into a travel tube I had laying around, so easier to use at my sink!


You’re telling me that I don’t have to look like I have adult jaundice, or that I just butchered an animal for a week!? Awesome, thanks for sharing this!


I can’t promise that… but it should at least help minimize the strange looks you/your hands get!
And I’d guess that maintaining social distancing has not been a challenge for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow they don’t make it easy to get the right one! Specifically Kolor Ultra seems to be the name now. Not Special Ultra, or Special, or Ultra, or Classic, or, or, or :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun write-up with chemical specifics.

Most places are listing it as discontinued :frowning: but I found some at Eugene Textile :slight_smile:
Amazon has a single listing that I could find, and it’s the 2L for $99 if you’re looking for bulk!


Apparently it is other things too…

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I recall I got one of the last few that the seller had–might have even been from EU or UK… but glad I got it!

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Thanks, i use the orange stuff but am always looking for something better!

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