Great price on new Vinyl cutter

Had a few needs at times for contour cutting printed vinyl so we had been looking for some time and then got an email for this deal.

Had talked to someone that has the Pro model of this cutter for certain things in there business and say they have been very happy.

This package comes with LXI Master Plus Software that sells for $999 by it’s self so we took the plunge and ordered this yesterday evening. We have owned a half dozen plotters over the years from high end to middle of the road so we know how a good one does the job so we will be able to compare what this machine does. We opted for the standard Rogue because it comes with the software needed for contour cutting. For the same money you can get the Plus version (servo) but has a lower level software package.

Just figured we would post this in case anyone else was looking for a deal.


I’m simply a hobby crafter but I finally received my new Cameo 4 yesterday. Obviously not at all the same ballpark but I’m excited to see how it compares to my old Cameo 2.


I want to hear all about it. I’ve got the original Cameo and have been pondering an upgrade. It’s still such a workhorse though.

I’ll keep you posted. Hoping to cut today.

Honestly, I was perfectly happy with my 2 but I have a huge space issue in my current, part-time, home. I gave my 2 to a tween that has been having a ball with it. I’m hoping the bluetooth works reliably on the 4 as my issue was just no where great to set the Cameo and a computer at the same time. My glowforge took that spot :slight_smile:

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I can imagine how excited your tween giftee is, oh my goodness.


Review time.

Started off rough with some of the vinyl damaged in shipping and shorted a few items. There are a ton of line items they had to pull to fill order so they may have had a small slip up. I contacted there customer support and in less than 12hrs they replied and got all my damaged and missing items shipped out and they let us keep the damaged vinyl which still had a lots of useable area to use.

We opted for the higher end software with the basic cutter. The base Rogue is a stepper driven device while there Plus and Pro are servo. If vinyl is all we did and had to buy one of these again we would have gone with a servo driven device. But with small runs and not in use every day we have been very impressed with this cutter.

Over the years we have had Mimaki, Roland, and Graphtec cutters and this new Rogue so far does the same job with the option for contour cutting of printed items. We are pleased with our purchase and the company customer service has been on point!


I am looking for something that can do a cut and emboss on thin metal. Cricut makes the tool but Cameo has the pressure (you would think with a name like Cameo that making a strong emboss would be expected):thinking:
Does anyone know a solution?

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