Great Storage solution for materials

Just found a great storage solution for laser materials and tools. Made a video on it to show what it can all hold. Hope it helps someone out.


You can get the product link by going to youtube, the embedded video isn’t displaying it.


(note this link is not an affiliate link, if you want to go through wenning08’s link and [maybe? I don’t know how affiliate stuff works] toss him the referral, head to youtube.)

Currently about $225, must be a new item, camelcamelcamel doesnt even track it yet.


Thanks for the link. Super cool dresser. Price: $221.97 here.

Oops forgot to do that but yea I have the link in video description. Thanks for the shout out. It must be new like you said cuz I have been looking for awhile now and just stumbled across this but haven’t seen it any other time I did the search for it.