Great Weeding Idea

Someone may have suggested this already but just in case they have’nt, My wife came up with a brillant idea that works great for weeding. My wife suggested using a lint roller. It works great especially on small intricate cuts. It speeding my weeding by at least 10 fold. Try it you will love it



Never seen that idea. For intricate weeding I tend to use a plastic razor, and for slightly less intricate I use blue painters tape.

The lint roller idea might be handy in some cases, thanks for the idea.


Plastic razor/scrapers are one of the best suggestions from the forum all those years ago!
I’ve just about stopped using blue tape for weeding – if the blade can’t get it easily, I go straight to gorilla tape. Certainly not ideal for all uses – ymmv! – but perfect for my use cases.


i wouldn’t think a lint roller would have enough strength to pull of masking, especially off of PG.

like @evansd2 and @dwardio, i start with plastic razors or my thumbnail, or sometimes a pick, and for intricate stuff i use gorilla tape.


I only use it on unfinished BB plywood, because the adhesion of the masking is just weak enough that the blue tape works.

As for removing masking from larger parts I do this thing that is hard to describe where I use a piece of gorilla duct tape to grab just the corner of the masking and peel it free. I can de-mask a great deal of larger parts this way without using a ton of gorilla tape. I cant recall if I ever posted a pic of how I do that, it ends up making a really weird tape monster, all the masking hanging off the duct tape like feathers or fur or something.


Oh yes, I know that monster well!


i liken it to peeling off sunburned skin. it’s a delicate operation that can give you an interesting lace masking pattern.


See, I knew I wasn’t the only one to stumble onto this method. If it’s good enough for @shop and @dwardio then I think it’s a solid technique :slight_smile:


only difference is i tend to peel that corner with my fingernail. :slight_smile:


Try it by pressing the corner onto a chunk of gorilla tape, it’s really fast. Then press the next corner into an unoccupied part of the tape, and repeat. You can remove masking from 40-50 pieces with just a couple inches of tape.


if i’m just doing the corner, my thumbnail means no tape.


right, but if you have many corners to do…


as long as my thumbnail holds out…


I keep a lint roller near my door to the garage, a couple of steps my my GF. I tried it on some previously cut PG pieces and I might as well have been trying to use a post-it note.


Another vote for plastic razorblades and gorilla tape. Been my go-to for years now. The lint roller might work well on material with a low stick masking.


I have just started but I use my Cricut weeding tool to start my tapes then pull. If it starts to tear, I can slip the pick in sideways and use it to lift up the part tearing off, usually a tab or corner. I happen to have a few lint rollers around the house as I have cats so I am definitely going to try it!

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I use my nails all the time. I have short nails and my nails are very easy to bend, so I end up ripping up my thumbnail usually and later having to clip it super short. lol Usually because I’m too stubborn to go get my plastic razor blade or something else. lol


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