Greatest Glowforge Gliders

We are up to 3 Gliders at the moment…

It’s super cool to see the variations. Here is Carson and the latest.

Best part of this design was me trying to tell him the tail would not be stable… He proved me wrong. :+1: Gotta love it when the kids are pushing the teachers!


Nice! Stable, but definitely heavy based on how it landed :-P, I bet it would do a pretty loop if he fired it up (well, not into a ceiling of course!)


Nice glide on it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha! I am sure he is not worried about any fixtures in my room… All I hear is “where are the bigger rubber bands?”


Nice to see them have fun learning to use software and the Glowforge.


Sweet Flight!

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He was working like crazy yesterday trying to get it to fly from wall to wall. He is also working on a laser cut airfoil. Best part is this is just fun learning added to the real work we are doing in the class. :+1:

Doubled up the rubber bands and even got an outdoor flight test.

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