Green lantern comic book box

This is my first foray into tab and slot joints and I’m not 100% happy with it but I’m always happy with all the mistakes that I won’t make next time!

There is an acrylic panel on the front to put your number one issue or another favorite.

I’m not a comic book person myself, this was a commission, but I liked expanding my box building skills. If you look back, I have made some butt ugly boxes, this one is actually kind of nice.


Very nice! I like the larger slots—they don’t scream “laser” (although there’s nothing wrong with that), and the acrylic panel to hold a favorite issue is an inspired idea.


It’s lovely! I’m sure the client is going to be tickled pink! (You should do one for home use as well…everyone has magazines. Popular Mechanics?.). :grinning:


Turned out great!


You know me by now. Everything is in Fusion 360. I may very well do one or two for myself. I do have a lot of magazines that I archive.


The acrylic panel is genius!

What type of wood did you use? Is it the Draft Board?

Would you be willing to share the file? I’m looking to do some archiving myself.

Yes,it was draftboard and acrylic. I don’t personally mind sharing and if I can find the files I’ll post to the free design section. This will be a few days if it happens as I am out of town.

For future reference though,some people are not comfortable with certain shares nor comfortable just saying no so we (the forum) have a policy against asking for files.