Grey Lightning is making lasered dice



Check it out!

Acrylic dice blanks

Custom dice, another thing I have to make. Now I’m pondering making a set of custom dice for my intended YouTube channel. Roll a set for craft, material, and design…or just material and design.


I’ve already got a hundred blanks waiting to be lased. Can’t wait, but have too! :smile:

(edited to add an emoji to indicate my emotion behind the comment.)


All of us are heavy into ideas, and sometimes even materials, but lacking in the laser area…but SOON.


Yeah… I have a bit more than a hundred blanks. Lol


And another use for vodka! wow ! Interesting video - does anyone know if most of the dice sets on Amazon are acrylic? I’m afraid I’ll get some plastic ones that have PVC or gets “melty” when trying to engrave.


Now i have two, filling the airlock on my fermenter and clean up after my laser.


Love her.


Maybe I will buy some cheap vodka for this…though I usually stock on high percentage rubbing alcohol for my razor and for first aid purposes.


Grey Lightning is so awesome!


Vodka can help get copic marker out of fabric too!


Is it wrong that I want her as my grandmother…

What would be cheaper, vodka or 99% alcohol?



Oh, wait, that would be grocery run…and I’m so not into that right now. Anyone else want to hit the store and to a price per volume comparison?


Good luck getting that out of your head.

Sadly USA booze is way cheaper then ours


I think denatured alcohol would be cheaper. With vodka you have to pay the liquor tax.


Is denatured the same thing as this:


Nope. Rubbing alcohol is isopropanol. Denatured alcohol is ethanol to which a poison (there are many: toluene for one) has been added to make it undrinkable. Vodka is ethanol to which no poison has been added.


So stop getting drunk while looking through the medicine cabinet. Got it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The ones I linked to in my PRU report are urea resin. No worries about melting when laser :grinning: