GreyLightning's done it again (tabletop game terrain building)



Grey Lightning has a new video out and it’s a GOOD one!


i love her!!


Thanks @hirudin–I need to be more mindful of my titles!


You have a perfect speaking voice with great organization … Very Martha. What an awesome high end/technical craft…and Gray Lightning totally made my morning. Haha love it. I never knew about tabs internally. I hate the look of those on the outside. You have helped me so much with the lamp shade I was just about to start designing!!! I was going to do laundry but you inspired me… Earned a sub for sure! Look forward to more.


I wish I could say I’m her, but although there are similarities (age for one), she is a different person. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Oooh you said something about your titles… I thought you meant your video titles lol thanks for the share though… It really did help me in a place i was stuck!


Haha–no, I just messed up the title of this posting and @Hirudin fixed it for me.


There is a huge market for these sort of items.
Another popular buy i see down the local Games Shop is for click-together ‘dungeon tiles’.

As i play a lot of hex-based games though i will be exploring my options there


I never heard of GreyLighting.
… Aaaand subscribed.


game prototyping and “enhancing” is one of my big areas I hope to pursue with my Glowforge.