Greyscale engrave



Here’s an engrave I did on cedar the other day. I think it turned out pretty cool. Bonus points if you recognize who it is =P

Pre-Release | Greyscale Engraving, A Comparison to the K40

Looks really good!
Overwatch - zenyata (sp)?

where did you get the graphic?


Definitely Zenyatta.

Can you post the original grey-scale? I’d be interested to see how close the engraving follows.


Keep in mind its on cedar, so the woodgrain gets in the way a little =P


Thanks man! My girlfriend said she found it on pinterest.


This looks AWESOME! Absolutely love it! I particularly like that the wood looks antiqued. Fabulous engrave.


I’m actually impressed by how well it captured the grungy sort of textures in the original. Just seeing the first photo, I was thinking the splotchy grey was all a result of the engraving, but it’s great to see that it’s a very close approximation of the washes in the source.


what kind of scale is that? How big is it?


So this was on our K40? That’s amazing (I’m still cutting out shapes only- haven’t gotten to raster with any success). Nice job.


I thought I was immune to the K40 fever, but it’s going to be hard not to catch it if you all keep posting stuff like this.


It’s about 4*6. I had a 4" plank I’ve been cutting off sections of to engrave things.


Yeah, it’s on the k40. Photograv was recommended to me in order to process the image to make it a bit more laser friendly. I checked it out but it costs like $350, so I just used the sample image they provided to reverse engineer a photoshop action to reproduce what it does. Worked pretty well.


Can’t say I havent had a lot of fun using it. However there’s a lot of repairs and modifications etc that I’ve been having to constantly do, that make it a pain. Severely limited from the get-go. If you can buy a model up with air assist, height adjusting bed, and honeycomb you’ll be a lot happier. A good ventilation system would be nice too.


You can do everything PhotoGrav does by hand if you’re willing to spend a bit of time on the image. A half-dozen steps vs PG’s send it & set it, but then you can do stuff PhotoGrav doesn’t have presets for yet.


Yeah, I did that already. Didn’t take long at all. Made a photoshop action for it so now it’s a single button press. From the looks of the output I think it works pretty well =P


With your GF :glowforge:, are planning to do the Greyscale Engrave?


Ive done one already! but I plan on doing a lot more, with real photos etc


Ha I didnt look at the top of this thread when I replied. Definitely gonna do another one of these for comparison!