GriffeyForge is up and running!


Received my Glowforge, and have it up and running now…so, so excited about the potential for this tool.

Is anyone working on a non-Glowforge-controlled design gallery/download library? I know there’s the community area for that, but obviously there are WAY better ways to display designs and provide for downloads…

Is there a good tutorial somewhere for Illustrator/Inkscape file prep specifically for Glowforge, including the import/file prep step?

Also, for the Glowforge team: saving print setups/projects is a must add feature. As is the ability to do masking of imported images inside the layout app.

So excited to create with my Glowforge!


You mean, something like this? :slight_smile:

Congratulations on getting GriffeyForge up and running! Yay!!:tada::confetti_ball:


Congrats! :boom::confetti_ball::tada::balloon::sparkles::grinning:


I look forward to each new one activated. I also look forward to when I can’t keep up with them.


Congrats! Can’t wait to see what you make!


Fantastic! You’ll have so much fun!


Great news!!! Have fun!