Grip Tape Project

Hey guys, wanted to share this with you. Hopefully anybody else attempting a similar project can use this.

I wrecked the deck on my cycleboard rover. So I ordered a new deck and realized, why not give myself a custom grip tape design. So I settled on my initials. But here’s the numbers for you.

GF basic model

Speed = 215
Power = 65
Thickness = 0.312

I cut the material with the grit side down. Remember to reverse your design/graphic if your cutting this way!!!

I learned the hard way a quarter way through the first print while the smile on my face dropped real slowly!!

I’ve used this tape before with no problem and it’s great on the laser and the board, and cheap on Amazon. Can’t ask for more!! I linked it below.

Take it easy guys!!

Mr. Pen- Grip Tape, 10" x 36", Skateboard Grip Tape, Non…


Hah! I was just thinking I needed to add something grippy to a piece of equipment I’ve got here to keep it from sliding around on the cart… this is providential timing! Namaste. :pray:


I’ve moved this to Beyond the Manual for you, since it’s the only place forum rules allow us to discuss non-PG settings. :slight_smile:


Oh nicely done!

I feel you on the forgetting-to-reverse. It’s more with stamps than skateboards, but that has got to be one of the most common “oops” moments people talk about!

Now to avoid the desire to buy multiple decks so you can decorate them differently and switch 'em out depending on today’s style :stuck_out_tongue:



I bought a similar product to put on the slide ladder steps for the grandchildren. Three years later and it’s still in excellent shape.

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