Grip tape safe or not?

Hey guys, let’s get straight to it. Skateboard grip tape? Fingers crossed on this one?

Not many are gonna know. Find whatever tape you want to use, look up the materials it’s made with, and you’ll have your answer.

A little googleing gave me this link which says that one of the layers of grip tape is PVC. Cutting PVC will release Chlorine (or more likely HCl) and you should avoid that.

Someone else posted this, but there is an easy way to test for the presence of chlorine (the most likely reason you would not want to cut it).


I don’t know it personally, but another thing to find out is the adhesive. I would have thought by now atleast one company would be selling safe version(I have seen many pre-cutted).

Alternatively cut a stencil on the laser and then hand cut the griptape

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Noskidding make a few PVC free options.


You also might look into MiniLogo tape (available here:

I know these guys did some beautiful work with it. It also comes in clear.


you know, this would be a lovely to put something on the front steps leading to our porch (which can be treacherous in winter).


Has anyone out there tried lasering grip tape yet? I’d like to print out some personalized designs for my nephew’s skateboard.

Thanks for the leads on laser-safe grip tape. In a Google search, the search brought me to here. Ha!


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No idea if it is actually laser safe, but it seems to cut well:


I am reviving this thread to list settings.

Today, I helped some kids cut out black Mini Logo grip tape for their skateboards. Here are the cut settings that worked for me.

Speed: 215
Power: 50

I lasered the tape side (not the grip side).