Groove Life belt buckle

So, long story short, I’m getting a Groove Life belt for Christmas from my parents. I’m not a fan of the buckle that’s on it, so I was going to cut some veneer to cover it. Wasn’t sure if anyone had experience with this already, as in had the same belt / buckle and already had the dimensions needed.



I’ve never seen a belt that came with a medical warning (do not wear with a pacemaker)! That’s a great design.

In their Press area they link to a Brand Assets GDrive folder with a bunch of stuff, this might get you there!


My Son has one of those. His buckle is anodized, and the laser will engrave that nicely. I really like the magnetic action, and the webbing has just the right amount of stretch.
Your idea of veneer is good, you could change it up when you wanted to.


I have one, but they make the belts just a tiny bit too wide. It will fit in my jeans belt holes, which works well for a holster. But I often wear khakis or dress pants for work and I have to practically fight the belt to fit through the loops.


That looks like a cool belt. I have been using my saddleback leather one for about 11 years. Hmm maybe it is time.


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