Grow your own leather 🤑

I know someone started a thread about that they were doing this and I can’t find it, but just ran across the link for making your own if there is such an adventurous person here,


I’m heading down a rabbit hole I think…


Like brewing beer except you get leather instead of beer.


I was growing scobys a few years ago, for kombucha. I heard you can make scoby leather with them… honestly, I was just collecting them because it was so weird, I didn’t even drink the kombucha. I wanted to poke the scoby.


I had no idea what this was till looking them up. Apparently there is variation in the quality of the result by species of critters as the species called out in Wikipedia are different that the ones used in the paper.

If I had the money space and youth I might be crazy enough to try to make a go of it. There is a guy in the Pacific Northwest that is making a career of proselytizing for fungi, selling everything from fancy eating mushrooms to a species that eats termites and once used termites will never come back. I can’t imagine that he is not on top of this also.

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Would that be Paul Stamets by any chance?

That’s the name! It has been a few years, I tried his mushroom growing stuff. Come to think of it @geek2nurse will be having a lot of material, and better training at keeping competing wild material out as I failed at.

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