Guest Book for Wedding Reception

I was researching unique guest book ideas for wedding receptions and came across an idea to have guests sign puzzle pieces. I liked the idea of those closest to us being pieces of a puzzle. And all the pieces coming together to make life compete. I think it turned out pretty well! The only issue is the pieces might be a little too small to put messages on :hear_no_evil::jigsaw: my Glowforge did an awesome job cranking this puzzle and sign out.

Inspiration from:

Things I’m curious to get your opinion on:

  • The material I used (draft board) isn’t very conducive to sharpie or other makers. It is soaking up the ink and doesn’t look as sharp and bold as I think it could. Would it be worth doing some kind of sealant coat? What is the best material to make jigsaw puzzles with?

  • I’m thinking maybe afterwards I can use one of the editing features with the premium subscription to go over messages people write on pieces. Is this possible? like scanning it in, then engraving?


Why not do an exaggerated version of each piece in white paper and have your guests sign with a black marker. Then you can scan all the pieces, reduce them to an acceptable size and engrave them into the material you choose for the finished product.


Couple of thoughts here…

Scanning and engraving are part of the basic package, no premium subscription required. That being said, I don’t know of a way to scan the completed puzzle, clean up the the scan to be useful (removing the edges of the pieces, etc.), and then engrave exactly on top of the existing wishes & signatures – remember, you have exactly one shot at getting everything perfect. :grimacing: Even if you could, you’d be destroying the actual writing by each guest. Were it me, I’d focus on finding a material/pen combo that works well, then applying a (pre-tested!) sealer afterward. Whiteboard and Sharpies pops to mind, for example – as an retired educator, I can attest that the combo is about as permanent as carving in stone. :wink:

@beerfaced has a good suggestion, although I’d suggest white cardstock for the blanks. It’s stiffer and wrinkle-resistant.

Best of luck – let us know how it turns out!


A good idea, well done! That will be a great memento of the occasion. :sunglasses:


For sure!