It’s why many of us are here in the first place, lol


Yep! I always seem to push the red button.


I have had an Elegoo arduino starter kit for three years. In that time I have yet to make a permanent project with the parts. I have used some of the jumpers and resistors, but again, no complete part.

I did however learn how to work in the Arduino IDE and that was supper helpful for my work with my CR10s and getting updated firmware on it. Also, my CNC uses and Archim board, but I have yet to flash the firmware because it is working just fine and I still don’t trust myself.

My keypad was finally the permanent project that I was able to use. Getting that working right then made it easier to get the temp/humidity sensor that came with the kit reading which then allowed me to purpose my ESP32 that I had been convinced I was in need of, but it sat there unused because I kept stalling out in the code re-purposing.

This last week I finally broke the bottleneck and have come up with a few other projects that can be finished at put to work so I ordered three more ESP32s.

And last night I finally got my rPI 4 set up and running to get ready to control my IOT stack that I’m thinking about.

But in the box lies all the components of to make an RC car. I have everything I need, all the 3D printed parts and laser cut parts. Finally got the right length axels. And I still haven’t put it together.

I have an ATEM Pro mini that I waited over two months for. I haven’t gotten out of the box yet. While I was waiting for it I ended up buying a new desktop computer and a few video encoder dongles and PCI cards. With OSB everything is working well and if I switch now, I’ll have to train the volunteers on a whole new technology.

And then there is the LinuxCNC project that is on the floor in my basement office/shop. I have it all ready to connect to my CNC to test out. But I have to put the aircraft connectors on all the cables so I can easily swap between controllers. The connectors are sitting on another table, my soldering station, waiting for me to get to it.

Yes, I can relate to this.


Haha—you lost me pretty early in that reply. What an alphabet soup! :laughing:


I am TOTALLY guilty of this! Go look at the tools in my shop, they’ll tell you that story!

The GF is different - I do know enough to make it do what I want, I just don’t use it as much as I like!

But man - I have tools still in the box that I’ve never used but have because “I need them!”.

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I haven’t touched my X-Carve CNC since I got the GF in 2017.

I haven’t touched my Solidoodle since I got the X-Carve. I even bought a 2nd printer that I’ve never even set up.

I could go on, but it’s depressing… Those are just the techy tools…


There’s a 3d printer in my basement. Hasn’t been used in a year…

I have a very nice Panasonic AG-CX10 4K video camera and I have yet to make a single YouTube video with it. It’s very pretty sitting on my desk, though, and I made sure to get a microphone and some extra batteries for those videos I’m not making.

And don’t even get me started on the Shaper Origin. Which reminds me, I just got the shipping notification for the Shaper Workstation that I will find a nice spot to store in my garage.


Shaper Origin… Batch 1… I fire it up once in a while to keep updates current, but i’ve never even stuck a piece of domino tape down to scan a workspace. Also waiting on the Workstation, have not received shipping notification yet though.

Skydio2 - Batch 1. Received it, inaugural flight was same day, 5 minutes in the air… haven’t flown it since.

Ironically, both items were to compliment and document my custom EV build, but have been too single track focused on the EV to think much about adding workflow for Shaper and Skydio.


I think it’s something like, when our regular hobbies start becoming too much like work, we get some other things to help us relax as a hobby from our hobby. Ad infinitem.


Yep. Bring on all the gadgets, please.


I got on a cooking/baking kick during quarantine, and I have luckily been able to hold myself back from buying some fancy cooking gear. I did just buy a fancy new laptop, though…


I have a carvewright which had an electrical problem it took me off and on 3 years to solve. I finally figured it out last year, made 3 cribbage boards and haven’t touched it since.

…not me… I just purchased some equipment for “sous vide” cooking. It should arrive on Monday.

Does anyone have experience with that? I heard about it from a friend and decided I wanted to try it out.

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I guess since this is a guilt admission topic, I can own up to having three sous vide cookers.

If you really want to go nuts… look up Nathan Myhrvold’s 72 hour short ribs recipe. I do a simplified version, leave them on the bone and throw them on a hot barbecue grill for a minute to finish. Transcendent.


I have one, and I really like it! Did you get a vacuum sealer too? You can do water immersion and ziploc bags, but I find it’s easier to just seal them with the vac sealer, which was another purchase. And then, I liked it so much, I had to get one of the big plastic tubs and a rack to cook things “in bulk” since none of my pots were large enough. After all that, I use it at least once or twice a week. Steaks come out perfectly (but you have to sear them after cooking, which required a larger cast iron skillet than I had, so one more thing-- at least those are cheap).

Everything I have cooked in it has turned out melt in your mouth good, chicken especially. Doesn’t dry out and comes out perfect every time. I even did corn on the cob once… really good. The best thing about it is that cooking times are somewhere between a set minimum and a set maximum time. So if the minimum cook time is reached and you aren’t ready yet, you can just leave it in there until the max cook time, and it will come out the same.

One of these days, I am going to try doing hamburger patties in it. Someone I know swears they are really good cooked that way. Let us know how you like it!

Oh, and here’s link to sous vide steaks. This site has good instructions for just about anything you might want to make sous vide:


I’ve been cooking sous vide since 2013. I’ve introduced friends to it that always rave about it.

Transforms everything from fried chicken to baby carrots and, of course, many meats.


I have not bought a vacuum sealer YET. I was going to try the water immersion method first and see if I wanted to get that piece of equipment later.

I am already talking to my wife about getting a new pan for searing… I was looking some of the copper ones, but maybe cast iron is the way to go?

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Absolutely… cheap and you can get them pre-seasoned. Clean up is easier too, I just scrub mine out with salt while it is still hot. If it wasn’t so heavy, I’d probably use it more than I do, but that’s only because I have a hard time handling it.

Oh, forgot to add, one thing I like about the vac sealer is that I can season and then seal up steaks, put them in the freezer, and then just take them out and put them straight into the water bath (if you do start from frozen you have to add an hour of minimum cooking time though). Much less prep time, and they will last longer in the freezer if vac sealed.


That was exactly why was thinking of not going the cast iron route. I was thinking of my wife. She might prefer the lighter copper pan. I will just discuss it with her.

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