Guitar #4 - The Bob Dylan Collage

So my idea for guitar #4 is a collage of photos of bob dylan (kinda like you see a guitar case with stickers / etc) – and I have been researching HOW TO PUT A PHOTO ONTO WOOD and found THIS which is the best / cheapest way to transfer a photo to wood… (I actually just printed out a photo on my laserprinter)

HERE is the test results:

this was a quick and dirty test I just poured the Polycrylic onto a piece of wood
smoothed it out, applied the printout, and then did a quick swipe to get rid of air bubbles, let it sit a few hours, then with running water and a soft brush, removed the paper…


Wow, that looks amazing! Such sharp detail.

That looks great!
You may also enjoy waterslide decals, they come in laser and inkjet versions :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link, but I think I want the xfer to be more permanent that I can then cover with varnish, my idea for the guitar is photos of Dylan and whatever else strikes my fancy, covering a piece of wood, then cut the guitar shape - NOT as crazy as this example… BUT… :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Bookmarking this for sure!

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Just put this in my cart. Absolutely perfect for the acrylic purses I am working on. Thanks.

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Well, I cut the xfered photo to wood, ZERO ISSUES!

  • I had some concerns the Polycrylic may be flammable, or other issues… but there where ZERO!

(here is the original photo, I reversed it before applying it to the wood)


Waterslide decals ARE permanent that you can cover with varnish…

The print your own type comes in an opaque version, too, that would get you the look of crazy stickerered up pics in your post.


OH!!! SWeeeeeeeeeet!!! thank you!!


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I love waterslide decals!

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So I have been working on the collage, and hit upon the idea to overlay the guitar pattern PDF, to give me an idea of placement / What a finished product would look like… HERE is my progress:

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First attempt as a large scale poster for xfering, too many seams :frowning:

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I’m struggling with this one, I just can’t seem to get it to transfer – the joni mitchell picture worked perfectly, but that was dramatically smaller an image, I’m gonna step away from this for a week, and ruminate…

Maybe I will try the waterslide decals!

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